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To celebrate the release of Rescuing Love, I'm giving away five eBook copies. The 5 winners will get 1 copy apiece, not 1 winner with 5 copies. (If I were a smiley face person, here is where I would put a smiley face.) This raffle begins on June 4th and will run through June 11th. You can enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below.


Rescuing Love is currently exclusive at the Bookstrand bookstore at www.bookstrand.com/rescuing-love, but will be available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. in 4-6 weeks.

For the winners, honest reviews are appreciated but not a condition of winning. For everyone, reviews are for other readers, not the writer. So, if you choose to leave a review, it can be nothing more than, "This book is poop," if that's your opinion, and it's a perfectly valid review.

I Take Back All the Mean Things I Said About You, Netflix

They just added Season 3 of Sherlock. 

Despite my irritation about what they did to Irene Adler* (lovesick over Sherlock? seriously? talk about audience stand-in), I have an unholy love for this show. And it is only partially because of the cheekbones and scarf porn.

*In the original version, Irene Adler outsmarts Holmes.

Author Bio/ Profile

So Bookstrand had me fill out an author bio/profile for their website at www.bookstrand.com/jules-court. I hate writing about myself, but I managed to come up with this:

Author's Bio

Jules Court currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two rescue dogs, but she’s lived so many places that she’s never sure how to answer the question, “Where are you from?”

When not busy fighting the forces of evil under an assumed identity, she enjoys reading, writing, collecting college degrees, and forming opinions on everything from Star Trek to the Oxford comma. Many of these opinions can be found on her website at www.julescourt.com.

Author's Profile

Q: What made you want to write a romance with a Coast Guard rescue swimmer as the hero?

A: I saw a documentary on Hurricane Katrina and, amid the scenes of destruction, one thing stood out: the Coast Guard was there, getting it done. As I watched footage of Coast Guard helicopters lowering rescue swimmers onto rooftops to save those trapped within, I thought, “These guys would make awesome romance novel heroes.” Then, when I did more research on rescue swimmers, I became even more impressed, both with them and with the entire United States Coast Guard—a service that is so often overlooked.

Q: What is the toughest part about writing?

A: Facing the blank page. I like editing, I like tinkering, but I hate that blasted blank page. It leaves too much room for doubt to slither in. Whenever I’m unsure of where my story is going, I feel like I’ll never have another idea. That’s it. We had a good run, but it’s over.

Once I make it through that first draft, it’s still not all golden words dripping from my pen. I have good and bad days, but at least I know I can finish a story.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I’m currently writing a sequel to Rescuing Love. So, more contemporary romance fun featuring a Coast Guard rescue swimmer hero paired with a heroine who doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Q: Do you write in genres other than Contemporary Romance?

A: I’m in love with the Romance genre, so everything I write has a strong, romantic core. However, I grew up reading Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, so I’ve got plenty of ideas kicking around for SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal Romances.

Q: Who do you write for?

A: I write (or try to write) the books I want to read. So, they’re for anyone who enjoys romance books with strong heroines, heroes who like and respect women, spicy love scenes, and a sprinkle of witty banter.



Now Available for Pre-Order


Rescuing Love is now available for pre-order at the Bookstrand store. Click the link and it will take you there. Release date is June 4th.

Reasons Why You Want to Read Rescuing Love:

1. Despite the title, there is an absence of cheese.

2. It features a hero who jumps out of mother*ing helicopters for a living. (Google Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, they are legit.) (I’ll probably do a blog post about them this week.)

3. The heroine isn’t afraid to grab the hero’s junk.

4. You enjoy the occasional dick joke in your reading material. 

5. You are from Massachusetts and therefore know the glory that is the clam roll. (Fried clams in an hotdog bun. Genius!)

6. Guaranteed Happy Ending (this joke writes itself, so I don’t have to).

Seriously though, I had a blast writing it, and I hope it’s as much fun to read.

This is Why I Need a Bizillion Drafts

I write terrible first drafts. Some writers outline and organize, and their first drafts, while rough, resemble an actual story. I want to be one of those writers so, so badly. But instead, I faff around and write myself dumb notes/jokes. I've tried outlining, but it just won't take.

Example: first draft from the story I'm working on now (sequel to Rescuing Love).

Screenshot 2014-05-10 16.05.32.png

During my second draft, I want to kick my first draft self.

Mini Mini Review of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

By Chuck Wendig

Began reading this book last night. MInd blown. The writing is so forceful, profane, disgusting, funny… I don't have enough words to do it justice.

The author blogs at terribleminds.com. His blogging voice is witty, caustic, and very, very dirty. If you like his voice there, you'll probably like this book (although, it's much darker in tone than his blog).

Warning: There's sex but definitely no romance and lots and lots of cursing. And I thought I had a trucker mouth. Despite the humor, it's a pretty grim book. The main character can see a person's death when she touches them. Many of those deaths are described in gruesome detail. It makes for a feeling of pervasive hopelessness (a huge departure from the romance genre which is all about hope and happy endings). (I'm only about halfway through, but, unless there's a serious tone shift, I'm not expecting a particularly happy ending.) 

I Am More Excited Than a Pointer Sister

Got my cover for Rescuing Love.

I love it. (But is it just me or does the guy's face look a little bit like Neville Longbottom's (the hot adult version))? 

Here for comparison:

I'm ok with that. Puberty was very kind to him.

Wait! You Got Romance in My SciFi!

Before I was into romance (as a genre), I loved SciFi/Fantasy. But I always wanted to know before I picked up that book/ turned on that movie/ tv show was: will there be a romantic arc? Can we get some chocolate all up in this peanut butter?

I thought I might start highlighting some of my favorite SciFi romances for those of you who love romance but might be wary of dipping your toes into the geeky end of the pool.

While I was cruising through Netflix Instant, I found one of my favorite shows that more people should know about. 


Farscape (1999 - 2002) (4 Seasons Plus a Mini-Series)

Concept: American astronaut John Crichton gets shot through a wormhole (a sort of shortcut through space- just go with it) and winds up on the other side of the universe. He's swiftly tangled up with a bunch of escaped prisoners aboard a living ship after he accidentally kills the brother of the military commander hunting them.

Romantic Couple: John Crichton, our hero and viewpoint character (who looks a little like a puffier faced Dennis Quaid), and Aeryn Sun, disgraced military commando (thanks to John) turned reluctant ally. He's our fish out of water with heart of gold and she's the ruthless hard ass with no use for emotion. 

Do They Get Together? : Settle in, because it takes some time for John to thaw Aeryn. Just enjoy the ride. Don't miss the mini-series Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars because it wraps everything up.

What About the Non-Romantic Stuff?: Don't let the puppet fool you (yes, one of the characters is a puppet, but this isn't Fraggle Rock), there's plenty of bad shit happening. The characters don't instantly trust each other and there are plenty of power struggles/ betrayals. Plus, they're still fugitives. However, there are enough moments of comic relief to keep things from getting too dark (I'm looking at you Battlestar Galactica).

Somebody Crack a Bottle of Champagne Over This Thing

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog. It will probably be updated infrequently, because that's how I roll (I don't even update my slang). Also, the punctuation will be as questionable as the content. I still need to consult my grammar books for proper comma use and, as I've established above, I'm a little lazy.

If you're still reading, I'm a writer. My debut book, Rescuing Love, a contemporary romance, will be available from Siren Bookstrand Publishing in June. It's not my first book, just the first one to get published. My very first writing attempt involved pre-internet Star Trek fan fiction scribbled in a notebook during seventh grade study hall. I was a weird kid (with a thing for Spock).

As an adult, I prefer to consider myself quirky (but I still have a thing for Spock). If you're intrigued and simply must have more Jules Court (you poor bastard), click the little icons at the bottom of the page  for my Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.