A writer's natural habitat.

A writer's natural habitat.

I'm back at work banging away on a new trilogy that I'm beyond pleased to announce will be published by Carina Press. Book 1 has a tentative publication date of March 2017 with books 2 and 3 to follow. Here's a quick peek at what's to come. (I'm terrible at titles so those are TBA at a later date.)

Coming March 2017:

During a heat wave in the under-air conditioned city of Boston, a good girl, Indian American doctor strikes sparks off the tough police detective searching for her cousin, a witness to a gangland execution. 

After thirty-six hours on call at the emergency room, all overworked resident Priya Shah wants is sleep. Instead, she's stuck sitting on a barstool waiting for her cousin, Sara. When Sara called frantic to meet, Priya couldn't say no. Once Sara took the fall for Priya, preserving her bright future. She owed Sara. So, when police detective Brian MacGregor walks in looking for Sara, Priya will do anything to protect her. Even mislead the man who makes her want to be bad. 

Brian MacGregor busted his ass to make detective by age thirty. He doesn't have time for a social life, not even for the pretty ER doc that sewed him up post run-in with a knife wielding perp. He never expected that when he went looking for the witness to a gangland murder, the doc would be the best lead to his missing witness. Now if he can only keep his hands off her.