Rescuing Love Soundtrack

I love music. I can't sing worth a damn, but that hasn't stopped me from rocking many a karaoke bar. Seriously, my rendition of Neneh Cherry's Buffalo Stance is legendary. (But probably not for the reason I think.)

Every story I write has a soundtrack that I put together on Spotify. It's partially based on mood/theme and partially the specific songs my characters are actually listening to. If I've ever mentioned music in a scene, I know what the exact song is that's playing. However, I've found that name checking bands or songs can come off as cheesy, so I usually keep it vague. Better to leave it up to the reader's imagination.

But, if you're interested, here are a few of the songs that the characters are listening to in Rescuing Love.

1. The opening track is Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. Becca, the heroine, is walking into her hometown bar after having been away for the last three years. Nothing has changed in the time she's been away, including the music. So, I wanted something that reflected Becca's mood--she's running away from a life which hasn't gone as planned. However, it also had to be a classic rock song that would be played in a dive bar. 

2. Becca and her best friend have a drunken late night dance party (something I used to do with my friends) while listening to Robyn. (F Bomb Warning)

3. Becca and Alex have a conversation by a jukebox and Becca puts on an eighties song. The song she plays is Modern Love by David Bowie.