Mini Mini Review of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

By Chuck Wendig

Began reading this book last night. MInd blown. The writing is so forceful, profane, disgusting, funny… I don't have enough words to do it justice.

The author blogs at His blogging voice is witty, caustic, and very, very dirty. If you like his voice there, you'll probably like this book (although, it's much darker in tone than his blog).

Warning: There's sex but definitely no romance and lots and lots of cursing. And I thought I had a trucker mouth. Despite the humor, it's a pretty grim book. The main character can see a person's death when she touches them. Many of those deaths are described in gruesome detail. It makes for a feeling of pervasive hopelessness (a huge departure from the romance genre which is all about hope and happy endings). (I'm only about halfway through, but, unless there's a serious tone shift, I'm not expecting a particularly happy ending.)