Now Available for Pre-Order

Rescuing Love is now available for pre-order at the Bookstrand store. Click the link and it will take you there. Release date is June 4th.

Reasons Why You Want to Read Rescuing Love:

1. Despite the title, there is an absence of cheese.

2. It features a hero who jumps out of mother*ing helicopters for a living. (Google Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, they are legit.) (I’ll probably do a blog post about them this week.)

3. The heroine isn’t afraid to grab the hero’s junk.

4. You enjoy the occasional dick joke in your reading material. 

5. You are from Massachusetts and therefore know the glory that is the clam roll. (Fried clams in an hotdog bun. Genius!)

6. Guaranteed Happy Ending (this joke writes itself, so I don’t have to).

Seriously though, I had a blast writing it, and I hope it’s as much fun to read.