Wait! You Got Romance in My SciFi!

Before I was into romance (as a genre), I loved SciFi/Fantasy. But I always wanted to know before I picked up that book/ turned on that movie/ tv show was: will there be a romantic arc? Can we get some chocolate all up in this peanut butter?

I thought I might start highlighting some of my favorite SciFi romances for those of you who love romance but might be wary of dipping your toes into the geeky end of the pool.

While I was cruising through Netflix Instant, I found one of my favorite shows that more people should know about. 


Farscape (1999 - 2002) (4 Seasons Plus a Mini-Series)

Concept: American astronaut John Crichton gets shot through a wormhole (a sort of shortcut through space- just go with it) and winds up on the other side of the universe. He's swiftly tangled up with a bunch of escaped prisoners aboard a living ship after he accidentally kills the brother of the military commander hunting them.

Romantic Couple: John Crichton, our hero and viewpoint character (who looks a little like a puffier faced Dennis Quaid), and Aeryn Sun, disgraced military commando (thanks to John) turned reluctant ally. He's our fish out of water with heart of gold and she's the ruthless hard ass with no use for emotion. 

Do They Get Together? : Settle in, because it takes some time for John to thaw Aeryn. Just enjoy the ride. Don't miss the mini-series Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars because it wraps everything up.

What About the Non-Romantic Stuff?: Don't let the puppet fool you (yes, one of the characters is a puppet, but this isn't Fraggle Rock), there's plenty of bad shit happening. The characters don't instantly trust each other and there are plenty of power struggles/ betrayals. Plus, they're still fugitives. However, there are enough moments of comic relief to keep things from getting too dark (I'm looking at you Battlestar Galactica).