Somebody Crack a Bottle of Champagne Over This Thing

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog. It will probably be updated infrequently, because that's how I roll (I don't even update my slang). Also, the punctuation will be as questionable as the content. I still need to consult my grammar books for proper comma use and, as I've established above, I'm a little lazy.

If you're still reading, I'm a writer. My debut book, Rescuing Love, a contemporary romance, will be available from Siren Bookstrand Publishing in June. It's not my first book, just the first one to get published. My very first writing attempt involved pre-internet Star Trek fan fiction scribbled in a notebook during seventh grade study hall. I was a weird kid (with a thing for Spock).

As an adult, I prefer to consider myself quirky (but I still have a thing for Spock). If you're intrigued and simply must have more Jules Court (you poor bastard), click the little icons at the bottom of the page  for my Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.