Recently fired attorney, Becca Lynch, only came home to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to strap on a bridesmaid dress and accompany an old friend down the aisle. Just one week of pretending that her life’s great and she’s not secretly falling apart. 

A complication of the male variety is the last thing she wants. But a blistering encounter with a handsome stranger in the employee bathroom of her hometown bar might be just what she needs.

As a rescue swimmer for the United States Coast Guard, Alex Petrov doesn’t think twice about jumping from a helicopter into raging seas if lives are at stake, but off the clock, he prefers calmer waters. 

Hooking up with a stranger, who turns out to be his roommate’s sister, just isn’t something he does. Until Becca. 

But passion doesn't worry about bad timing, and love can prove a more uncontrollable force than any ocean wave.

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Guarding Her Heart (sequel to Rescuing Love)

Six months ago, Tiffany Donnelly, failed musician turned diner waitress, was left just shy of the altar when her groom ran off with a bridesmaid. Now, verbally sparring with sexy Coast Guard rescue swimmer Travis Green is one of her few pleasures. In his dark eyes, there’s no pity for poor, jilted Tiffany. Nevertheless, he’s in her “look but don’t touch” category.

Travis Green, loud-mouthed Southern boy of mixed Hawaiian, Japanese, and white heritage, is usually the outsider. But now, he’s got a group of friends that just happens to contain Tiffany, the woman he can’t keep his dirty thoughts off of. However, innocent flirting is where he draws the line.

When Tiffany’s ex-bridesmaid begs Tiffany to attend her wedding—to Tiffany’s ex-groom, Tiffany’s pride gets the best of her. Suddenly, she’s introducing Travis as her new boyfriend. During their weekend posing as a couple, the lines between fantasy and reality blur.

Can passion once unleashed be contained?

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